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Technical parameters of 3-12mm Steel Coil Cut-to-length Line

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I.Basic parameters

Material of steel coil: Carbon steel series(Q235)

Thickness of steel coil: 3 ~ 12mm.

Steel coil performance: δs=235     δb=450

Diameter of steel coil: Φ2000 mm (Max)

Width of steel coil: 1000mm - 2000mm.

Inner diameter of coil: Φ508, Ф610mm, Ф760mm

Weight of coil: 30T (Max).

Shearing length: 2200-8000mm

Unit linear speed: 0-20m/min

Total motor power: about 160KW


Ⅱ.Technological Process

Feeding car -- Uncoiler -- Leading head, pressure head -- Shovel head -- Feeding device -- straightening device -- 11-roller straightener -- Coding machine -- The tail plate feeding device -- Shearer -- Extractor unit -- Hydraulic system -- Electronic control system


Ⅲ. Main Equipment and Technical parameters

1. Feeding car

Form: four-wheel walking style.

Structure: made by steel.

Reciprocating walk: B14-87 x 3KW needle wheel cycloidal reducer.

Lifting way: hydraulic cylinder drive.

Oil cylinder specification: Φ 200 mm x 700 mm.

Lift travel: Max.700mm.

Speed: 7.48m/min

Load weight: Max. 30000kg.

2. Uncoiler

Expansion form: hydraulic cylinder drives inclined block to complete.

Oil cylinder specification:Φ140mm×75mm

Compact form: two-way longitudinal movement.

Mobile power: hydraulic cylinder drive(Oil cylinder specificationΦ125mm×1000mm)

Inner diameter of coil:Ф508mm、Ф610mm、Ф760mm。

Outer diameter of coil:Max.2000mm。

Width of coil:1000mm~2000mm

Max. Load weight:30000kg

3. Pressure head, Lead head machine

Leading head structure:steel structure

Leading head drive form: hydraulic oil cylinder drives to press down

Leading head oil cylinder specification:Φ100mm×400mm, two pcs

Pinch roll:Φ300×500mm, steel roll

Traction power:BWED152-17×17-5.5kw Cycloidal needle wheel motor

Pressure head structure: hydraulic oil cylinder drives to press down

Pressure head oil cylinder specification:Φ125mm×700mm

4. Shovel head

Adjustable power: driven by hydraulic cylinder(Φ63mm×500mm) 

Lifting power:driven by hydraulic cylinder(Φ100mm×400mm, two pcs) 

Shovel plate structure: steel structure, movable

5. Feeding device

Form: double-roller clamp, the active roller feeds material, the two ends is bearing sliding.

Double roller specifications: Ф 200 mm x 2100 mm, two pcs

Active roller specification: Φ 180 mm x 2100 mm, one piece

Material of lead roll: 40Cr, heat treatment HRC52°-55°.

Compact oil cylinder specification: Φ 100 mm x 100 mm.

The lifter roller specifications: Ф 100 mm x 150 mm

Feeding power: 18.5kw-6 Ac motor with JZQ500 reducer and distribution box.

Connecting form: universal connection

6. Straightening device

Straightening form: vertical roll adjustment.

Number of vertical rolls: 2 pairs.

Adjusting specification: 1000mm - 2000mm.

7. 13-roller Straightener

Structure: Up five rollers, down six rollers, and the roller at the exit is adjustable.

Leveling roller center distance: 240mm

Roller specification:Ф200mm×2100mm (material 40Cr, heat treatment HRC54-55°)

Leveling roller bearing: Rolling mill bearings, both ends with thrust


Riding wheel form:Up press and below support

Riding wheel specification: Ф200mm×200mm, 24pcs (heat treatment HRC50°-52°)

Compact form: Worm gear and worm electric pressure, pressure screw diameter Φ80 mm, material 45 #

Drive form: 3KW spindle wheel swinging reducer drive

Flattening power: Dc 144KW, Z4-250-11 1360r/min

Reducer model: JZQ850 plus distribution box.

Leveling speed: 0 ~ 20m/min, adjustable speed.

Connect form: universal joint

Length deviation: ±3mm

Diagonal deviation: ±3mm

8. Coding machine

Form: encoder roller control

Tachometer roller specification: Φ127 x 400 mm, one piece

Rotation encoder: 1200 line, one piece

Lifting cylinder: Φ100 x 125 mm, one piece

9. The tail plate feeding device

Feeding roller specification: Φ200×2100mm。

Screwdown power: Φ160×100mmcylider

Transmission power: 4KW Needle wheel cycloidal reducer with chain wheel

10. Shearer(Outsourcing)


Max. Shearing width: 2000mm

Max. Shearing thickness: 12mm

11. Extractor unit

Extractor roller specification: Φ250×2100mm。

Feeding roller specification: 40Cr, heat treatment HRC50-52°

Screwdown power: Cylinder control

Transmission power: Ac7.5KW-6motor with 350 reducer

12. Hydraulic system

Main function: supply the hydraulic cylinder pressure of the whole production line

Transmission power: 11kw-4

Rated pressure: 32Mpa

Rated capacity: 20L/min

Fuel tank capacity: 450L

Required hydraulic oil: N46

13. Electronic control system

Power: 380V, 50Hz Dc motor

Total Power: 160KW


Ⅳ. The buyer need to prepare by themselves

1. Power supply switch

2. Live wire and cable

3. String piping

4. Gearbox oil, hydraulic tank oil

5. Rail steel (24kg light rail)

6. Workbench materials

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