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Progress in international metallurgical machinery technology

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The main trend of the development of metallurgical equipment is large, intelligent, green and humanized. International metallurgical machinery technology research focus is mainly focused on energy saving and intelligent technology and equipment, product quality online monitoring and quality control methods.
Technology of near end continuous casting equipment with thin strip slab.
Thin strip continuous casting technology is a new technology of energy saving and high efficiency, cast the strips, the online rolling formation of a one-time industrial products. At present, there are more than and 40 research institutes and enterprises engaged in steel strip continuous casting in the world, has been part of the industrial trial production capacity, representative of the the United States: an annual output of 500 thousand tons of Nucor castrip production lines, with an annual output of 400 thousand tons of Italy AST Company eurostip project, Japan's MITSUBISHI heavy industries / twin roll thin strip continuous casting technology, endless rolling equipment of high efficiency and energy saving technology in Korea.
High efficiency and energy saving technology of rolling machinery and equipment without head
    Since the mid 90s, hot strip began to realize the headless and semi endless rolling technology, the current application in thin slab continuous casting and rolling production line is still in the development stage, is one of the most advanced technology of steel rolling field. Hot rolling head (semi endless rolling process) requires a corresponding mechanical equipment, such as: intermediate billet roller connection technology. High speed cutting technology, equipment and technology, heating up thermal equipment, the shape control technology, dynamic variable thickness (FGC) control technology, the main driving motor technology and roll cooling lubrication technology and high power. The related machinery and equipment technology breakthrough and maturity is unconditional basis of hot rolling head and half without application of head rolling.
   On line testing technology of material properties
International tend to adopt new detection technologies, such as laser ultrasonic detection technology, X ray diffraction, EMAT detection technology of non-contact measurement method of metallic materials in forming material properties in the process of organizational structure for real-time online detection, the material quality is more stable. The research focuses on research and development in the preparation of materials in the process of material properties, micro structure and defect online detection technology, implementation of grain size distribution, degree of anisotropy, forming properties, mechanical strength and other materials and the internal value, the whole process, cracks and other defects in real-time, non-destructive detection. The detection information and timely feedback to the corresponding production process, convenient for adjusting the process parameters to ensure the high stability of the quality and performance of steel products, high uniformity, high consistency.
 Technology of super high strength steel strip production equipment
     The structure of materials of high strength as the material technology development trend. The development and production of ultra high strength steel need first developed mechanical equipment with more high rolling and finishing ability, for example, can achieve large compression strength, high rigidity rolling mill, the mill shape control technology of peace more powerful, hot heavy straightening machine technology, strong cold straightening technology (especially the straightening force of more than 5000 tons in straightening technology and equipment). Therefore, the development and production of ultra high strength steel products, are caused by a round for hot strip rolling, cold rolling, improving finishing environment of the main process equipment perfect design, in order to improve the ability.

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