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Germany's metallurgical machinery is committed to continuing to improve productivity

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Taking into account the international competition in the field of metallurgical machinery, the global metallurgical machinery industry is in great efforts to improve industrial productivity. In this regard, the plant operators have to choose energy and resource conservation technology. In the metal processing industry, the demand for the most advanced equipment in the next few years is expected to increase. Although the development of iron and steel and non-ferrous metals industry is the same, but there will still be further investment, especially in emerging economies, the operators in these countries are trying to produce export goods in a more economical way in international competition background. Expansion of the industry must have a strong technical innovation base. In this regard, the German machinery manufacturers can contribute their own comprehensive knowledge and development capabilities in terms of quality, productivity, efficiency and safety.
   "In 2015, the German metallurgical machinery industry reached 2 billion 500 million euros in the global delivery of machinery. The German machinery and equipment manufacturing industry association (VDMA), foundry machinery, metallurgical plant and rolling mill and heat processing equipment for the member enterprises to participate in this exhibition Chinese metal metallurgy, bringing a new vision for life." this is the German machinery and equipment manufacturing industry association professional branch leader Dr. Dimo Welch comment.
   Casting machinery - high efficiency equipment continued to thrive
   Professional branch estimates suggest that the German foundry machinery production in 2015 was slightly lower than the 2014 level, more than 1 billion euros.
   2015, the German foundry machinery manufacturers of the global export volume reached 157 million euros *, an increase of 4% over the same period last year. As a result, Germany remains one of the five most important suppliers. 2014, the world trade volume of 2 billion 300 million euros, Japan, China, Italy, Germany and South Korea a total of nearly 65% of the market share.
   In 2015, Germany's exports to China fell by 3% (3500 euros). In spite of this, the 1/5 of the total exports of German foundry machinery is still shipped to china. Exports to the total amount of 28 EU countries were significantly higher than the previous year's total (up 25%), the amount of export growth in northern Europe and Eastern europe. Mexico to supply the highest amount of growth, the growth rate of 189%. Sales to India and Russia are below average.
   The European automotive industry is expected to be a further positive development, the German supplier in 2016 can expect to get more customer orders in this area, the share of aluminum castings is expected to continue to increase.
   The technical development of the industry will become a key factor in the future success of the German metallurgical machinery manufacturers and enhance the competitiveness of the foundry machinery, the following trends must be emphasized:
   The complex degree of tolerance and casting energy and resource efficiency of shrinking the combination of analysis and process optimization based on simulation will become more and more important to enable lightweight design, increase the network flow sustained utilization of nonferrous metal and structural components (industry 4).
   Metallurgical mills and rolling mills: Innovation in efficiency and Sustainability
   Estimate professional chapter shows that Germany's 2015 metallurgy factory and mill equipment production fell about 15%, but may still crossed the threshold of 1 billion euros. Due to a series of areas of lower commodity prices and oversupply, a substantial decline in the number of large projects worldwide, so it is not expected that this trend will soon be reversed.
   In 2015, German manufacturers exported to customers all over the world metallurgical factory and rolling mill equipment worth slightly more than 7.4 euros -- * * (down 6%). It is expected that China's exports in 2015 of nearly 1 billion 100 million euros, is still the largest supplier of the industry. Germany is still the third largest exporter. 2014, the world trade in the field of more than 5 billion 400 million euros, China, Italy, Germany, Japan and the United States and other major suppliers together to occupy nearly 65% of the total.

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